Our Summer Adventure: Upper Canada Village

Located at 13740 County Road 2 Morrisburg, ON, Upper Canada Village is a wonderful place to take your family.

When my sister in law and her boyfriend stayed with us in July, we all visited the village. We started our guided tour with a lovely staff member who told stories, and taught us all about the authentic buildings that are found throughout the village from the 1860’s. Even the horsedrawn carriages seen in the barn are the same ones from back then. There are over forty historical buildings to see, and you can even go inside them. There is an adorable old school house, a church, working mills and even homes.

Throughout the tour we met people who were dressed the part, including a gentleman who sang songs, played instruments and told some pretty good jokes. My three old absolutely loved dancing and clapping along to him. Although my son enjoyed the music, his favourite part of the whole trip (and mine too!) was seeing the baby piglets. They were adorable, and only weeks old, it was fun to watch them run around the pen. The village is home to many other animals as well, including horses and sheep.

Unfortunately, the summer tours throughout the Village are closed for the season, however, they do put on a magnificent event for Halloween called Pumpkinferno. There are thousands of handcrafted pumpkins throughout the village, all lit up at night. Every year they do something different. It’s definitely worth checking out.

These exhibits are completely made with pumpkins!

Another event the village hosts, is Alight at Night. And, OMG. I cannot say enough about how magnificent this event is. My family and I go every single year, and, every single year it takes our breath away. I 100% recommend this event to everyone, especially those who love Christmas. Stay tuned, as I will be making a separate post dedicated to this outstanding event, as it truly deserves it’s own post!

Have you ever been to Upper Canada Village, or one of the events they host? Feel free to leave comments on your experiences, or share pictures, I always love to see everybody’s adventures!

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